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Being eco friendly is important to us.

As most of you know by now, creating and sustaining an eco-friendly environment is imperative in modern day living. 

Here at Cakey Love, we use quality, easily recyclable packaging to encourage this dynamic. Our boxes are made out of structured cardboard and the ‘plastic’ you may come across is bio plastic, made from cornstarch. The jars, the paper, the wax paper - you name it, it’s eco-friendly and ready to be recycled! We want to help maintain sustainability as a part of everyday life. 

We take advantage of what is available in each season, with a monthly changing cake in the Original Box. This means seasonal produce can really be put to good use as it should be, and if you order multiple times, you'll get to taste a little bit more of Cakey creations each time.

It's all about simple living, reducing our waste and plastic consumption and in the meantime enjoying a little cake.

Living by the sea and taking an interest in plastic-free products provoked us to come up with the idea of an afternoon tea delivery company and how you can fully package a product without using single use plastic. So, here it is.

Our boxes were personalised with the environment in mind. All components are recyclable and we even offer a free Recycled Love Scheme. Click the image to explore more.

Join our recycle love scheme and trade your glass jars for sweet treats!

Just let us know how many jars you are sending back and after you've sent us 5 jars we'll bring something along free of charge on your next order to say thank you for recycling with us. 


Bioplastic Box

Made from cornstarch

Seasonal Food

Using local ingredients


food miles

Cardboard box and inserts

Fully recyclable

Wax Paper

Fully recyclable and protects the food without the use of plastic

Glass Jars

recyclable lid and jar

Bioplastic Box

Made from cornstarch

Glass Drinks and Local artists Occasional Cards

Our awesome suppliers

Small and Wild Tea

100% natural, ethically sourced, naturally caffeine free and blended in the UK to create super child friendly flavours.

Happy herbal tea for kids.

Emma Wild - Beautiful Otterness

Gorgeous cards hand drawn by Emma Wild, Dorset based illustrator.

"There's a feeling of joy that wells up inside of me when I see or create something that delights my eyes."

London Bio Packaging

Compostable and recyclable packaging made from sustainable resources.

We use their pop up boxes, made from sustainable forest paper with a bio plastic window made out of cornstarch.

Hello there!

I'm Sammy and I manage Cakey Love. I'm from Brazil and I've been living in England for about 13 years. I've been a teacher of English as a second language, a Portuguese interpreter and a chef.


My cooking adventures started in New York where I took a culinary course for a few months. After that, I knew I was hooked!  I've learned how to cook whislt working at The Wig and Mitre in Lincolnshire and then, after moving to Bournemouth, at The Green House Hotel as a breakfast chef. I've learned so much there working alongside brilliant chefs. My latest job was as pastry chef at Lord Bute in Highcliffe which was an incredible experience and I would say all of my pastry skills were learnt from Jez, the head chef. However I needed a change and now I am now the proud owner of Cakey Love.

I'm super passionate about the ocean and I'm always looking for ways to be more eco friendly, like being involved with Win On Waste. This allows me to help out and gives me a focus on why being conscious about how we live is now an important part of everyday.

Lots of Cakey Love to you xx

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