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Hello there!

I'm Sammy and I manage Cakey Love. I'm from Brazil and I've been living in England for about 10 years. I've been a teacher of English as a second language, a Portuguese interpreter and a chef.


My cooking adventures started in New York where I took a culinary course for a few months. After that, I knew I was hooked!  I've learned how to cook whislt working at The Wig and Mitre in Lincolnshire and then, after moving to Bournemouth, at The Green House Hotel as a breakfast chef. I've learned so much there working alongside brilliant chefs. But I needed a change. I am now a proud owner of Cakey Love and an enthusiastic pastry chef at Lord Bute in Highcliffe.

I'm super passionate about the ocean and I'm always looking for ways to be more eco friendly, like being an ambassador for Win On Waste. This allows me to help out and gives me a focus on why being conscious about how we live is now an important part of everyday.

Lots of Cakey Love to you xx

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